Introduction to PEN Management and Development Consultants Ltd (PMDC)

PEN Management and Development Consultants (PMDC) Limited designs and implements interventions to support the work of clients in areas such as program design and evaluation, governance and leadership, organizational change, systems development and a wide range of institutional strengthening work. PMDC's team of development professionals brings an impressive depth of experience, knowledge and skills from working with a broad range of organizations and leaders in Kenya, the entire Africa region as well as overseas. PMDC is committed to providing cost effective services to civil society organizations, businesses, and public agencies to help achieve the impact and sustainability needed to make social change a reality.

PEN Management and Development Consultants (PMDC) Limited is the consulting arm of Poverty Eradication Network (PEN), a development organization incorporated in Kenya and based in Nairobi.



Quotes from Clients.

Moses Chege; Chair, Independent Medico Legal Unit – October 2012

PMDC's input and guidance has been invaluable in finalising our Strategic Plan 2013-2015. We have managed to revise our strategy in line with result-based management practise and the outputs and outcomes look more measurable as outlined in our new log frame.